Post practice. Gotta shower. Gotta get up at 6. Gotta write a quiz. Gotta watch PLL at some point…

I dont think i have enough bows 🎀🎀 #bow #cheer #cheerleading #rosysbows

reppin smoed at tumbling tonight ✌️🔫


5,6,7,8! hit, hit, pull! cheer blog with all your favorite teams! <3 

no stop

Our timing ! (Taken with Cinemagram)

WANT TO WIN THIS?! Rules:  MBF me! ( Reblogs only! Likes won’t be counted! You can Reblog as much as you want! Contest ends when I hit 1.5k!
Info: As you can see I haven’t boughten the items yet so the winner will message me their sizes for the tank top and the Nike pros they want and the sizes they want! Also for the pro shop part, the winner will receive an item from EACH pro shop, so one item from Cheer athletics, one item from California Allstars, and one item from Spirit of Texas! The winner can pick ANYTHING they want from the pro shops, will tell me the items they want, and their sizes!  Good luck! I will keep you updated on my follower amount! Message me if you have any questions!

Robert and Gabi from Robert’s Instagram

Worlds is distracting me from homework fml



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